Friday was Raised Right and is ready to share some truths. Don't worry, she'll take it one Friday at a time.

Friday is a former wife, model, actress, employee and recovering self-improvement addict. But she's okay now.  She's got good manners, good taste, good dogs, and great legs. She'll be talking about what makes life better: 

Soliloquist—your relationship with yourself & your perspective on the world.

Packaging—how you present yourself & what catches your eye.

Woof—what makes you smile & how you give back.

Gourmandise—what fuels you & how to choose it.

Tribe—who you hang with & who inspires you.

Venue—where you are & where you want to go.

If she mentions a product, place or artist that makes life better, rest assured it's Friday fabulous.  The Friday stamp of approval means it works, is beautiful, makes your life better, makes other lives better and frankly, my dear, you’ll give a damn.

Friday loves to hear from you. If you’ve got something to say, a story to share, or want to know more about Advertising etc, head on over to the Contact Page—that’s what it’s is all about.

Making life better, one Friday at a time.  


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